Monday, December 8, 2008

The Countdown Begins

.................and what did I bring back from my trip to the Pink City of India? 3 huge marble rocks weighing in tonnes that took over 3 hours to download at the college workshop on arrival. The sculpting is still in process, and I'm waiting eagerly to see the final output of this first carefully picked piece of stone I took so much pains to bring home to Mumbai.

Okay....... No Secrets. Here's the preview to the concept I believed I would love to create. You'll soon see the actual stone take up this form, God willing, in close resemblance to my original sketch.

And while I sculpt this piece intently.... there's another master at work, engrossed in sculpting the milestone of my destiny. So many things in life edging for attention at the same time. The countdown has just begun..........

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