Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yet another First.....

Come, have a look....... at my first attempt at creating Installation Art.
At a workshop recently organized by Futur Foundation, Switzerland, this was a piece created under the guidance of Swiss Artist and Sculptor, Hedi. The creation is currently on display at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, India.
The theme was to create an artwork to represent the essence of the artist’s own life.

The Installation Art beside, hence aptly titled ‘Self-Expression’, represents my Circle of Life. The center made out of a reflecting metallic hemisphere represents myself, and the collage of newspaper prints within the immediate circle constitute people in my life that form a crowd around me and yet do not contribute as much to reflect on my life. Hence, their image is not reflected neither registered in the metallic hemisphere.

Nevertheless, the images that leave an imprint or reflection on the central hemisphere are those that do not allow themselves to be a part of the immediate maddening crowd. Even when the images turn their back, their influence still remains registered on the psyche.

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Shona said...

You write n express so well!....u paint so well....u god how god can just fill so much talent in one person like this...i am still wondering.....IF I CAN GET EVEN AN INCH OF U....I WILL BE SATISFIED!AS AN ARTIST.sorry if i get too personal at times but ....its true n this is wat i really feel.r u the same person whom i see in pics as Hemant Sonawane?


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