Saturday, November 29, 2008

Salaam Mumbai...!!

I belong to Mumbai. I need not elaborate to you anymore that Mumbai happens to be the financial capital of India, especially after Wednesday night's terror attacks that lasted for more than 59 hours killing more than 200 civilians, 22 foreigners and leaving more than 500 seriously injured and battling for life. No matter what corner of the globe you belong to.... now, you know my city. You know Mumbai.
Like millions others who have migrated to this city of opportunities in search for a livelihood, I'm no exception. I have lived, breathed, damned, loved and cared for Mumbai since the last 10 years. Earned my double graduation here, and also the meaning to my existence. And hence, Mumbai is MY city.

If the audacity of terrorism on 26/11 did not shock you, you'll be surely overawed by the gutsy demeanor of the average civilian here. While all three wings of the National Security Guards (NSG) Commandos - Land, Air and Navy - fought in consortium with determination against terrorists for more than 59 hours at Southern Mumbai, you would have been amazed to see average citizens standing just aside the war-zone with family, kids and all..... cheering their heroes as they fought.

Then again, barring a radial zone of mere 200 meters, the city never stopped with its regular chores and activities like any other normal day. All this, while the battle was still being fought at a stone's throw distance away from them.

This railway terminus that you can see here, CST - where terrorists had gunned down numerous innocents the previous night - was full of office goers and travelers at the wake of the immediate dawn.

What do you call this Attitude........ Indifference?? Tenacity?? Perseverance?? Fearlessness?? Courage?? ......... or FAITH ???

In many terms, I find the spirit of my city equivalent to that of Japan after the nuclear attacks. Mumbai has been the target of terrorist activities since decades... why not, it is the lifeline of India......and having one essentially 'political' government after the other hasn't helped it either. Yet it springs back to life after every disaster, like the crisis had never happened at all..... terrors and weathers alike.

I Salute the FAITH of Mumbai. Salaam Mumbai !!


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