Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will you compete ?

Had a look at all the competitions in art and architecture worldwide, and got motivated to start a series on 'Art Competition Updates' on TOUCH. Frankly, what do you feel about participation in contests? How vital are these to an artist's development? Can art be really compared....? Personally, I find each piece of work by any artist a masterpiece of inspired labour in its own right. Behind every unsung artist lies a master to be identified someday in future.
Contests help tremendously where one strives to compete with ones own past excellence, not with others. In these times of Art Marketing, contests serve as a recognition platform for lesser known artists, and help them establish their network amongst enthusiasts & potential buyers/investors. Competitions with big prize money may also help in the set-up of personal studios and contacts, during the initial years of struggle.
For those of who are interested in participating in various notable Art Events across the globe, I'll keep you posted about the same under the label, 'Marketing Your Art'.

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