Friday, October 24, 2008

Friendly Critics & Critic Friends

My first major exhibit of paintings was a dare-devil act on my part. Having completed G.D.Art in the Commercial arena, Fine Art was a domain I hadn't touched academically upon. Whatever flowed on to the canvas was sourced from purely natural instincts. I was happy (actually thrilled) with my creations...... yet anxious about how the world would react to my un-learned style of art.

My entry into Applied Art came by chance. Having completed a Foundation Course in Art, procuring a Government Diploma of 4 years was the natural logical step. Learnt it much later after enrolling for Applied Art, that Fine Art was my calling.

I developed my skills silently observing the work of friends from the Fine Arts division of L.S. Raheja School of Art who pursued a totally different style of expression from mine. These friendly critics often analysed my work in paintings. And their feedback often left me more nervous than encouraged, as it challenged my faith to steer my track from Commercial to Fine Arts.

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