Saturday, October 11, 2008

Foundation Courses in Art

Speaking of struggle during formative years, reminds me of a list of various colleges for Foundation Course in Art located in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra State, INDIA. This may be particularly useful for amateur artists from small towns to get their basics in art founded well. If you know of any other colleges across INDIA or abroad, do feel free to post them as a comment.

Saptaput Lalit Kala Mahavidyalaya
Khiroda, Taluka - Raver,
District Jalgaon.

School of ArtChopda, District Jalgaon.

Ajanta Chitrakala MahavidyalaDistrict Jalgaon.

Lalit Kala MahavidyalaDistrict Jalgaon.

OjaswiniM.J. College,
District Jalgaon.

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