Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Pat on the Back

L.S Raheja Group of Colleges is one of the most revered institutes in India for Art, Architecture and Interior Design.... Located at a busy suburb, Bandra, of Mumbai, it was a far call from Ajanta, my previous college.
Mumbai is a city of opportunities. While pursuing G.D. Art, it helps resident students to work on live projects in various Applied Art fields like Advertising, Product Design, Architecture and Interior Design to name a few. Participation in various inter-collegiate competitions and cultural fests is particularly useful to small-town aspirants to shed their shyness and get better exposure to the competitive spirit of the cities.
The Camlin Award for 'Best Artwork of the Year' that I earned during 2002-2003, and The 'Highly Commanded' Award for Excellence in Art were a pat on the back just at the right time. Suddenly, it seemed like having 'arrived' into this world too......

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