Monday, September 22, 2008

My Exhibits

Murphy's Law says that if you ever dial a wrong number, the receiver will ALWAYS answer your call. Guess I was exceptionally lucky that all of those who did pick up my mis-dialled calls, joined me one by one.... as friends for life.... in my search for the right number.
I thus came a long way..... from not having heard of the word, 'Art' to potentially discovering what I myself willed to do in Art. Through this journey, however, I crossed several bylanes of the artistic voyage, simply trying to figure out what it was that touched me the most.
'Art Romanza' at Nirmal Lifestyles, Mulund and 'Out of the Blue' theme restaurant, Bandra.... are two such friends I still hold on to since my early days. I have my regular painting exhibits at these Mumbai galleries even today.


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