Monday, September 22, 2008

just Fine Art would be Fine

Given the number of years I had already spent in academics, it was a serious test of determination to enter yet another commitment of four years. By the time I joined Sir J.J. College of Art for B.F.A (Sculpture), I was well settled into the professional circuit of applied art. Was earning enough to sustain ground.

Leaving this terra firma and starting up afresh in a new domain was not exactly what most of my well-wishers would have advised me to do at that time. Though sustenance was not an issue anymore, it was time I began bringing to life the fruit of what I'd persevered so much for.

Halt at a juncture for long enough, and you begin developing roots that bind you to that spot forever..... realizing this, I began reducing my commitments in applied arts, and focussed that time and effort towards the creation of 'Aum' - A series of abstracts that later featured at the Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai.

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