Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Teacher of the Year

Life is so unpredictably intermeshed. Just this year, 2008, Sir J.J. School of Art conferred the Award for 'Best Teacher' onto me, for tutoring third year B.F.A. students in Sculpture.

And this very year, while on an excursion trip to Bhaje Caves near Lonavala, I visited the nearby Balgram Samparc Orphanage happenstance. Found little else that I could contribute over there except my art. Thankfully, the children enjoyed the drawing classes as much as I did.

I recommend you to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. Even in the absence of professional tutors, every child has been honed to develop his own specific niche of talent. Some kids are good at singing, some at art, others at sports, dramatics or quiz.

Some of those who joined me in the art lessons learnt amazingly fast.... most notably, a master child artist named Ibrahim. Yet again over here, we meet a small town boy quietly inscribing his art on little chits of scrap. He finds a professional artist who guides him to academic means of pursuing art. Sounds like deja vu, isn't it ??

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