Monday, September 22, 2008

Aum Series - by artist Hemant Sonawane

The Aum series of therapeutic paintings typically uses sedate and deep colours. Nevertheless, when concentrated upon for a while, it is only the bright light at the core, that sustains attention... and the surrounding darkness dissolves into oblivion. This bright light is Aum, the powerful Mantra. Aum helps in focussing the mind during meditation, doesn't allow you to get distracted. That is the power of Aum.

Prices indicated for artworks available at the artist's studio, do not cover packaging, shipping, insurance or custom clearance costs. For artworks at sale at other places, kindly contact respective galleries for individual terms of purchase.

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 76cm x 76cm
Price : contact Fruition Art Gallery

The Aum theme still leaves a lot of scope for exploration. I'll return with the sequel to this highly appreciated series again, sometime later......

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